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  FUNCTIONS & OBJECTIVES  ( In Points and Specific)

 The main objectives besides others of forming the corporation are given below ;

            a) To carry on the business of electric power generation and to construct, lay down, establish, operate and maintain generating stations and tie lines, sub-stations and main transmission lines connected therewith; to operate and maintain such generating stations, tie lines, sub-stations and main transmission lines as are assigned to it by the competent government and to fix and carry out all necessary power stations, cables, wires, lines, accumulators, lamps, works and to generate, accumulate, distribute and supply electricity and to light cities, towns, street docks, markets, theatres, buildings and places both public and private

            b) to construct, carry out, maintain, improve, manage, work and control and superintend any reservoirs, water works, tanks, dams, weirs, bridges and works in connection therewith, hydraulic works, electrical works and factories and other works and conveniences which may directly or indirectly contribute to subsidize or otherwise aid or take part in such operations.

          c) To carry on the business of  mechanical engineers, manufacturer of all types of combustion engines, including oil and petrol engines, gas turbines, steam surbines, boilers, locomotives, road rollers, automobiles, trucks, tractors, agricultural implements and pumps.

          d) To carry on any consultancy works including planning, designing, erection, testing commissioning and maintenance in respect of the works relating to energy and power sector.